Billings, Montana

Big Sky Trout Flies

A Rainbow caught on the Smith River by Big Sky Trout Fliesí Jeff Knudson.


Welcome to,†

We have a great fly selection for all rivers in Montana, such as the Bighorn, Yellowstone, Stillwater, Smith, etc.†

All flies are† sold for only $1 each.†

Most any fly you want can be tied, even if its not shown in the pictures.† We also have a selection of pre-chosen orders for specific rivers in Montana.†††


Phone: (406)-254-6914



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Thanks to:

Byron McBride for teaching me how to tie flies.

My Grandfather Walleye Wayne for getting me into fly tying.

My Dad for supporting me and buying me most of my materials.

All my customers for buying from Big Sky Trout Flies.

Everyone who ties flies and fly fishes for trying to keep this great hobby alive.

My Grandpa Nelson for helping me set up my website.

If any questions or comments about my website and if anything needs to be changed, please email me at: